7 Fun Christmas Movies To Watch!

Hey Warriors, Christmas is a time of year I often look forward to for many reasons; nostalgia, dedicated family time, traditions, especially – CHRISTMAS MUSIC AND MOVIES! My sister is a film buff and thus, I inherently developed a love for Christmas movies. It has become an important tradition for the both of us to join together and enjoy Christmas movies. Some people aren’t fussed about them, but they have brought me many moments of laughter, inspiration, and even jerked a few tears that reminded me to be grateful for the blessings that have been bestowed upon my life. I decided to name films that people might not be as familiar with. Everybody knows of Home Alone, White Christmas, etc. But those aren’t the ones that I continue to watch annually. The great thing about these movies is that if I have had a bad day at work or I just need to readjust my mood to a more positive one, Christmas movies never fail me (well, the right ones I mean!) That being said, here is a list of my favourite Christmas movies that I have always enjoyed;

1)Lampoon Christmas Vacation

Chevvy Chase is truly a legend. This is one of my favourite Christmas movies, and that runs for my whole family. We have frequently enjoyed this film together and laughed til we cried at this film alone. The main protagonist – Clarke, is hosting a grand family Christmas; inviting both his parents and his in-laws to join them for the holidays. His aim is to have the most epic, traditional Christmas that will be one to remember years later. For him it will be perfect – what could possibly go wrong? Of course, whenever that question is asked – many things remain to be seen…

2)Almost Christmas

This is of my newest, favourite movies. The film centres around a family that’s reuniting to spend the holidays with their recently widowed father. Throughout the movie, we see the family dynamics unfold – whilst getting an understanding of each character and the individual stories behind them. I absolutely love this film to the point where I’ve watched it, then rewatched it for a second time right afterwards! The comedic timing is priceless within this film and the casting was perfect. I kind of wish there was a sequel…

3) I’ll Be Home For Christmas

A college kid who studies in California, is in a rush to make it home in New York. He must be home in time for christmas dinner…all for a bet! Surely that should be easy right? Until he is left stranded in the desert, with a Santa suit on, no money and no way to get home on time! This movie is hilarious and has definitely a favourite of mine since my teen years. The whole family can enjoy this and definitely cackle at the misfortune of the main character!

4) Jack Frost

This one has been on my main list since I was a tween as well. It’s a tearjerker as the main character is Charlie  – a child who deals with the untimely loss of his father. The following year, he unexpectedly gets to reunite with his father as he is practically reincarnated. However, his father returns in an unconventional way…is a “snow dad really better than no dad?” (a quote from the movie – my English is far better than that!) It’s fun and heartwarming, another that is great for watching with children. But do make sure you have your tissues ready for the first 1/3 of the film. The energy does pick up though I swear!

5) A Christmas Snowglobe

A woman who is a ruthless producer, ends up in a freak accident that transfers her into the world of her snow globe. It sounds crazy. But it is a charming, enchanting and endearing movie. My sister and I absolutely love it. The characters are funny & enjoyable. This movie is a must-watch. It’s another one that will be enjoyable for the whole family.

6) Friday After Next

So this comedy will always be a classic for me. This movie is the Christmas-oriented 3rd instalment of the ‘Friday’ series that was written by Ice cube, and definitely one of my favourites. It’s a barrel of laughs as the main character and his cousin start off their Christmas Eve with somebody dressed as Santa Clause breaking into their house. Santa the thief stole their rent money they stored in their home – the night before their rent is due. This movie is filled with many hilarious moments and I can’t allow a christmas to pass me by without watching it. If you know…you know! This is a great film, but not one for children. There are no inappropriate scenes, but a lot of adult jokes and swearing. It’s rated 15 so it’s okay for older teenagers.

7) Let it snow

Now this film caught me by surprise! Very much like a hallmark movie, but I love it so much. Our main character is the daughter of a business mogul who owns a chain of resorts. She has been sent to the lodge by her father, to scout out the place and plan what her father’s company will do with it upon their acquisition of the property. Now this daughter is pretty bah-humbug-ish and isn’t really into Christmas. But something about this lodge changes that… I love it! I’m not a chick-flick kind of girl, but it’s a cute, endearing film. Definitely one that warms your soul and it’s good for the whole family. So I have now shared some of my favourite films, give some of them a try and I hope they will bring some cheer and laughter into your Christmas Day/time off. Are there any Christmas films in particular that are your favourite? Have you watched any of these movies before? Comment below and let us know which movies bring a smile to your face warriors! If you like this post, click on the like button below and share this post with your friends and family warriors! Until next time, Tasha Marie

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2 thoughts on “7 Fun Christmas Movies To Watch!”

  1. Love this list of movies, Tasha! I haven’t heard of a few of them, so will need to find them and watch them over the next few weeks. It’s so nice that you have your sister to share this tradition with.

    1. Hey AJ, let me know what you think of them after you’ve watched them! My sister and I definitely love our Christmas movies 😁⭐️

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