7 Essential Items For Your Migraine Relief Kit

7 Essential Items For Your Migraine Relief Kit

Hey Warriors! If you deal with migraines frequently, then you already know that they can be an unpredictable pain in the…head (to put it nicely!). Like unwanted guests, they show up unannounced and ruin your day at the drop of a hat. So to tackle this, I have a migraine relief kit that contains specific items that soothe the pain. It’s useful to have migraine kits in your home, workplace & even your car for easy access when you’re in agony. So what items should you keep in your migraine relief kit? Well here are the essential items that I recommend from my own migraine kit…

7 Essential Items For Your Migraine Relief Kit

What’s In My Migraine Relief Kit?

1) Migralens or Migraine Glasses

If you deal with a sensitivity to light; known as ‘photophobia’ – then a pair of Migralens would be ideal for you. They combat the light from entering your eyes and creating more pain, with full wraparound borders around the top, bottom and sides of the glasses. I have a pair and they definitely serve me well.

2) Kool ‘n’ Soothe Cooling Gel Sheets For Migraine

An image of Kool'n'Sooth Cooling Gel Sheets

These cooling gel sheets are quite amazing. They’re self adhesive; lasting for approximately 8 hours. These strips are strong and won’t fall off from your forehead easily.

I have used them for a few years and they have made a difference – especially when I’m out and have to still function. Of course, the big white strip on my forehead draws attention – but when my head is ripping, I literally do not give a rip who is looking! I’ve used them at work, church and even on a plane.

3) 4head Stick

If you want the same cooling sensation on your head that’s a little more inconspicuous, then 4head is a great way to go. It’s ephemeral – especially with long-lasting migraines, so you have to reapply it frequently. The smell is also very strong so beware if you’re highly sensitive to strong smells during migraine attacks. 4head has been quite effective in calming down duller headaches and migraines for me, personally.

4) Peppermint Oil Mixed With Coconut Oil

An image of bottle of peppermint oil with peppermint leaves next to it.

Peppermint oil has been a staple in my migraine relief kit from quite early in my chronic migraine journey. Using this concoction has served me well and even shut down a few migraines too.

I use coconut oil, melt it down into a travel plastic bottle and drip a few drops of peppermint essential oil into it. Then I shake it up to mix it. When I have a migraine, I apply some to my forehead, the base of my skull, inside the base of my nostrils, behind my ears and wrists. So, I’m basically a walking tic tac by the time I’ve applied it! But it has worked wonders on difficult days when I’m out in public. It has taken the edge off of the pain and reduced the pending anxiety that the migraine attacks can trigger. I think it’s important to note that it also works wonders with nausea – if that is one of the symptoms you always have, this mix with eliminate it! Give it a try warriors – I highly recommend it!

Disclaimer: Only use a few drops of peppermint oil per 4-5 teaspoons of coconut oil. It’s important to not have a high ratio of peppermint oil to coconut oil in the mix, because that could burn when you apply it to your skin. You should feel a cooling sensation, but it should never burn.

5) Kool ‘n’ Soothe Pak Ice Bag

So the ice bag is an oldie, but a goodie. I find this can be the most effective during some of my worst migraines. The only downside is getting the ice is usually impossible for me when my migraine is so intense that I can’t move! Also, once the ice melts, it’s then a nightmare to empty and refill the bag with more ice *sighs*. Cons aside, I do recommend keeping one of these in your migraine kits as an alternative or even an additional aid. Sometimes I have a Kool n soothe strip on my forehead, then place the ice pack on my crown, or at the base of my skull (that numbs the pain receptors within your cranium – which can enable you to get some sleep!).

6) Eye Mask / Chilled Eye Mask

An image of a pink eye mask with a notebook and clock

Both types of eye masks serve a different purpose. The regular eye mask is great for resting or catching a bit of darkness if and when you need it. Especially if you are out at work or in a different place from your home. A chilled eye mask is a great way to sooth the pain, especially if you feel it around your eyes during a migraine attack too.

7) Prescribed Medication

An image of a few pills on a pink surface

I’m assuming many of you already do this, but if you don’t – take heed! Always keep a decent amount of your prescribed medication in your migraine kit.

I usually tend to distribute my medication between my migraine kit and whichever bag I’m utilising for the day.

There’s nothing worse than when you’re stuck without anything to help tackle your unbearable pain for the day – so make sure you keep on top of keeping your supply stocked up.

Bonus Item: The Pain Warrior Code

Sometimes we just need a little form of empowerment during the days where we are struggling with pain the most. So, I keep a small copy of the Pain Warrior Code in my migraine kit box. Like seriously. It certainly serves its purpose when I need the reminder of who I am and what I’m capable of as a chronic pain warrior. It empowers and encourages me when I am at my most vulnerable and struggling to encourage myself.

If you haven’t read the Pain Warrior Code already, click here – maybe it’ll help you too!

To Sum It Up

So Warriors, these are the essential items that I keep in my migraine relief kit. If you don’t have a kit already, then I encourage you to create a few – it’ll save you additional stress and frustration in the future. It pays to be prepared, especially since we are usually at our weakest and unable to function effectively during a migraine attack. So if everything is already in place and readily available for you to utilise during a migraine day – even better!

If you have a migraine emergency kit already – what items do you have in yours and what would you recommend others to use? Comment below and share your tips with us!

Until next time Warriors,

Tasha Marie

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4 thoughts on “7 Essential Items For Your Migraine Relief Kit”

  1. Some really good suggestions! I included a few of these in my headache helpers post ages ago but I’d like to refresh it. I deal with chronic migraines that eat away at about 5 days each week – while I find nothing helps other than prescription Sumatriptan, for which I have an extended prescription thankfully to get more each month, there are ways to just make the experience a little more tolerable, like freezer ice packs or the 4Head stick. I use both of these myself a lot and they don’t touch my migraines, but they could help others take the edge off. For me, these things are about getting through each attack and making it a little more bearable while the meds kick in so I couldn’t be without them.

    Caz xx

    1. Hey Caz, thanks for reading! I’ll definitely check out your post to see what items you use. Your situation with chronic migraine sounds quite similar to mine. In my case, my meds won’t work until I’ve gone to sleep for the night, so I use these items at work especially. The peppermint oil has definitely been most effective for taking the edge off for me, but on those days when the migraines are intense, all of these items have to tag team together! lol

      Tasha Marie x

  2. I love kool n soothe gel sheets and second the recommendation. So many people don’t seem to know about them?! We always have them on hand in our house for migraines and fevers, they’re wonderful!

    1. Hey Heather,
      Thanks for reading and commenting. You’re right – everyone seems to know 4head, but never kool n soothe! They are the best in my opinion. I’m glad they are helpful for you and your family!
      Tasha Marie xx

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