7 Tips For Migraine Sufferers in Hot Weather

Hey Warriors! The hot weather is here, so those who deal with migraines should beware! During my first few years of dealing with chronic migraine, I experienced situations where I was unprepared for the heat and thus migraines were triggered. I tried a few new things, to ensure that I would be able to enjoy the lovely weather and remain migraine free. Now I am going to share them with you! Keep reading to find out my 7 tips for migraine sufferers in hot weather.

So, we are in the midst of that season where skin is cooking on this side of the hemisphere. Some of you may be planning to go on vacation to places with anything from warm, to extreme hot weather. Some of you may be experiencing a regular summer, or heatwaves. Either way, soaring temperatures can be difficult to cope with when you deal with migraines!

Here are some tips to help you endure the heat and possibly even escape a migraine attack:

1) Bring a spritz bottle filled with water:

Spritzing water on your face is one of the immediate ways to cool down when overwhelmed with heat. This has been a game changer for me during humid weather. Focus on spraying your face, the back of your neck and even your feet. I usually do this & it has worked wonders for me.

If you want to buy your own bottle and fill it up with your own water, I recommend you buy a small travel bottle. Alternatively, you can also buy Evian Face Spray or even Magicool face and body cooler from amazon or your local pharmacy.

2) Get your head gear ready:

Dear warriors, if you have a sensitivity to light due to migraines, then I urge you please bring a hat with you. I had to find this out the hard way. You may wear glasses that help to tackle that, but having a hat, cap or visor acts as that extra layer to your shield.

It would also benefit all people to wear their head gear to avoid sunstroke or headaches and migraines from direct sunlight, drumming on their scalps or foreheads.

3) Wear loose clothing & watch your fabrics:

Many people tend to be tempted to wear the lightest, skimpiest thing they can find during summer. On the contrary,  you will benefit more from wearing loose clothing as it’ll enable a form of ventilation around your body. Tight clothing means warm air will get trapped in those tight gaps between our skin & the clothes – so it really doesn’t do us any favours in the long run.

Also, you’ll want to pay special attention to what kind of material you’re wearing. Stay away from viscoses (which are easier to come across in the stores particularly during summer) and flock towards clothes that are made from cotton and linen (light linen). I recently traveled to Jamaica and found that wearing those materials served me well and allowed me to remain cooler.

4) Drink more water than you usually do:

We all know we should stay hydrated during hot weather. That’s a given. However, I encourage you to drink more water than you usually do on a daily basis if you’re going out in hot weather. I usually drink 3 litres of water everyday to avoid dehydration triggering a migraine. But whenever I’m in a warm climate, I have to increase my water consumption to more than what I’m used to. The human body will sweat more on a hot day; losing more water. Thus, drinking more water strikes the balance that helps you manage the heat rather than have the heat manage you.

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5) Seek the waters! Rivers, Coasts, etc.

Unfortunately this is heavily based on cirumstances. But if you have a choice in where you are going, I encourage you to seek out somehwere coastal or even where there is a river nearby. These places usually supply a breeze which will naturally cool you and offer you some ventilation. So if y0u are planning a day out with your loved ones, suggest going on a beach trip! *wink wink*

6) Let a handheld/mini fan do the work:

Warriors, I heavily recommend that you get a personal, mini electric fan that you can carry in your bag. I have recently invested in one & found it to be handy. Now I’m not talking about the small ones with the little foam wings that spin around, I’m talking about the newer ones that has the appearance of traditional oscillating home fans, but the miniature versions of them. Get one that is rechargeable and is durable. Also seek one that is foldable so it can stand on a table by itself. Here is the link to the fan I purchased from John Lewis;


As an extra tip – spritz your face first and then point your fan at your face straight afterwards. That’s the turbo version of cooling yourself!

7) Plan ahead:

Plan your outfit (regarding the fabrics) and the bag to carry everything you’re going to need – including the spritz bottle, fan, medication, hat and any other aids that you utisilise on a daily basis. This will help you to feel prepared and ready for whatever is thrown at you during your day(s) out.

Now that I’ve shared these tips warriors, utilise them! Take each day as it comes and I hope that these tips will help you to look forward to your time out in the lovely sunshine!

If you have any other tips that work for you, share them with us and comment below warriors!

Until next time,

Tasha Marie

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6 thoughts on “7 Tips For Migraine Sufferers in Hot Weather”

  1. Thank you so much for this brilliant post! I suffer from migraines and they have been so much more frequent and massive lately. I really appreciate the advice you have given and will definitely give them a try!

    1. Hey Alyssa you’re welcome! I’m sorry to hear migraines have become more frequent for you. That can be really difficult to adjust to & cope with. I’m hoping these tips really help you. It took me a few years to figure out what works for me! ?

    2. Thank you! Migraines are the only pain that keep me down and there is normally nothing I can do about it. I do appreciate the advice you have shared!!

    1. Thank you for this Gail! I am so sorry my response has been super delayed! I will definitely read and do a post for it. Thank you & God bless you! ?

    2. PTL! I am glad He allowed me to share, Tasha! Don’t worry about the time! I have to do it as God allows also. Praying the same for you! Me and God love you sister! <3

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