About Me

A Christian Blogger, Speaker and Entrepreneur who was diagnosed with Chronic Migraine.

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Hi there, my name is Tasha & I’m a pain warrior who has been dealing with chronic migraines, one day at a time.

I’ve always dealt with migraines ever since I can remember. During my childhood, I frequently experienced seasons of terrible headaches. As far as we were concerned, that was all they were; just really agonising headaches.

My mission and passion is to empower people with chronic illnesses and pain to persevere and live a prosperous life - mentally and spiritually.

My Services

I write guest blog posts and articles on a variety of subjects; based around advocacy, all forms of health (spiritual, mental and physical) and living with a chronic illness. 

I also write sponsored posts for brands and companies.

I speak at events and conferences. I give motivational speeches to inspire people who live with chronic illnesses and pain to persevere and prosper in every aspect of their lives. 

I also speak about the Christian lifestyle – offering practical tips and teaching for believers to encourage them within their daily walk with God. 

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I can speak at your next event!

I am a speaker and have participated in conferences, along with other types of events. I can provide motivational speeches, talks and teachings. 

Contact me at Tasha@PainWarriorCode.Com for enquiries 

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I can be your next guest blogger!

I write guest blogs and articles to publish on other sites. I cover topics such as faith, living with a chronic illness and offering practical tips to support others. 

Contact me at Tasha@PainWarriorCode.Com for enquiries


Fun Facts About Me

Where Am I Located?

I am located in the often chilly and rainy capital of the U.K. – London!

My Hobbies?

I love playing instruments. If anything, I have too many! I am also a fan of linguistics and foreign languages. I enjoy reading, writing songs, and travelling.

5 Things I Can't Live Without?

Handcream , Guitar, device I can listen to music on, notebook with pen included and my bible.

Contact Me

If you would like to contact me then click the link below and send me a message!