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What Is The Pain Warrior Code

The Pain Warrior Code is a set of essential points that act as a light; designed to reach out to chronic illness warriors and empower them at the time they feel most isolated.

The Pain Warrior Code is something that came to me, during the lowest moment I have ever experienced in my life. Overwhelmed from being in constant pain, I had given up, given in and lost my hope. I questioned God about the purpose of my pain and even asked for him to conclude my life. The Pain Warrior Code was God’s response to me. It was a little seed of hope that has enabled me to become stronger and almost indestructible ever since.

During my prayer, I received a revelation that there were people who didn’t have any hope at all and it was my job to encourage & help them up during their time of need.

You don’t have to be a believer or follower of God for the Pain Warrior Code to help you – everybody feels pain. We all go through times when we need elevation. So I hope this will help you, just like it helped me.

The pain warrior code

The Pain Warrior Code:

  1. People just won’t get it. They won’t understand your pain or your struggle, but that’s okay. Don’t focus on whether others understand, but rather on whether people care – because they do. If you don’t have any family or friends around you, there are many sites, blogs and communities that have been created to support one another. I’m here, feel free to reach out to me and communicate with me via social media or the contact page. I’m always willing to talk and offer support to fellow warriors who need somebody.
  2. Stop asking yourself the “Why me?’” question. If you don’t have any answers yet, trust that you will come to find them out eventually. Your time will come. Know this though – your sickness is linked to your purpose. We are often shaped and moulded in the fire of our struggles.
  3. Don’t let your pain or illness, dictate your life or identity about who you are. You are so much more than the pain that you experience. If you surrender your identity to your sickness solely, that is all that you’ll become solely. Don’t sell yourself short like that.
  4. Don’t you dare think about quitting or giving up the fight against your illness. Your healing will come. That doesn’t always mean we will be healed right now, but at the right time. Bear in mind that your healing doesn’t have to be just physical. Sometimes we look for healing in the wrong places. It could also be psychological or even spiritual. Those types of healing enable us to endure our struggles and continue to bounce back.
  5. Let your pain be a tool that educates and creates awareness about what other chronic pain warriors deal with. You’d be surprised how much your presence has the ability to bring awareness to others.
  6. If you’re going to choose to be a warrior, know this; a warrior does not stop fighting for their cause until the end. If they drop on the battlefield, they get up and continue fighting. A warrior doesn’t stop fighting for their cause until their final breath has left their bodies.

You are a Pain Warrior. There’s a lot of responsibility (and of course – pain) that comes with it. Know there are others fighting with you too. Heck, I’m in this with you!

Please don’t give up, I know I won’t.

Let this page be a reference point to return to during those moments when you feel like giving up. I often have to utilise this myself! Click here if you would like to read my story, or check out the Blog to read my posts for further empowerment or tips!

Tasha Marie

© Tasha Brown – Pain Warrior Code 2021

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