Chronic Christmas Gift Ideas: Wishlist

Chronic Christmas Gift Ideas: Wishlist

Season’s Greetings Everyone!

Christmas carols, festive movies, eating masses of food, receiving gifts and spending time with your family – what isn’t there to love about Christmas?

As the most cherished season fastly approaches, people find themselves going round in circles or even procrastinating on buying presents. We all know that one person who is an absolute NIGHTMARE to buy for! (My mum. Shh, you didn’t read that!?).

Buying presents for any individual can be tricky; essentially, you want to get them something that will be appreciated and utilised. So, I’m going to share a list of gift ideas – they are guaranteed to be a hit for that beloved friend or family member who has a chronic illness!

1)Electric Blanket or Heat Pad

A much appreciated gift that can help to alleviate the pain. This can be particularly helpful if the recipient deals with muscle/joint pains or a condition that alters their body temperature. 

2) Cold Compress Bag or Cold Compress Holder

This will be useful for people who suffer with pains like migraines. When it comes to chronic pain – both extremes can work depending on the sufferer. Either we apply something cold or something hot to the area that is in pain. Consider buying one and even customising it for your recipient!

3) Planner or Diary

One of the many struggles of somebody with a chronic illness – appointments, appointments, appointments! Family outings, meetings, checkups you name it! From neurologists to ophthalmologists, we have dates that we are likely to forget (especially if we have a chronic illness that affects our cognitive abilities/memory!) 

4) Comfortable Pyjamas

Unfortunately, some spoonies are bed or home bound for most of the day. If this is the case for that person you have in mind, then I can guarantee you, they will APPRECIATE bed/home clothing more than the average person! Make an effort to find a set that is plush and comfortable to wear. They will put this to good use – whether at home or at hospital during a flare up!

5) Something Inspirational

Living with a chronic illness comes with its struggles. Most people are aware of the physical adversity that a sufferer faces. Unfortunately,  many are unaware of the toll it takes on a person mentally. Dealing with an illness can wear down at a person’s spirit; they need something that will encourage them to keep fighting. Something that will empower them to live life to the fullest. So if you want to take this route, you can get them a movie, album or even a book. Maybe even a piece of art that is inspirational. There are no limits when it comes to inspiration. 

6) Essential Oils / Diffuser or Oil Burner

What a blessing it is to have oils that can be therapeutic and helpful to those with chronic pain. This can be done either by applying it to one’s body, or even by burning it through a diffuser/oil burner.  Do some research  on which essential oil would be useful according to what illness or symptoms the recipient has.

7) Netflix

One thing that I have seen is the consensus is that Netflix is KING to people with chronic illnesses – whether it’s a sick day or a low energy day, Netflix is guaranteed to be put to use!

8) Gift Vouchers (useable online)

For that warrior who is unable to leave their house, this will always be accepted without any argument. This allows your recipient to have their shopping come to them!

9) Water Colours / Water Colour Book

There is something about painting that is therapeutic to the soul. Many people with chronic illnesses have picked up a paint brush and found a fondness for it!

10) Your Time

Someone with a chronic illness can easily feel isolated and like they are missing out on life. Especially if they rarely get to go out with friends or family, or have to cancel plans frequently. Try to visit your loved one or maybe even take them out for the day. Make plans and make them happen. Your presence is the best present you can give!

This is an image that reads; your presence is the best present you can give.

So I hope these ideas have helped or at least sparked off the right gift idea for you. To those who have a chronic illness, I encourage you to share and repost this post so that your loved ones have ideas of what to buy for you!

Is there anything else you would add to this list? Comment and let us know!

Wishing you all a fantastic, festive Christmas and keep an eye out for the next Blogmas post to come!

Until next time,

Tasha Marie

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9 thoughts on “Chronic Christmas Gift Ideas: Wishlist”

    1. Thank you lovely Gail! I hope you receive something on the list this year! Nothing but love for you too Gail x

    2. Family and God… and then a visit to WordPress friends will be the blessing. Praying God’s gifts fill your heart and house. 🙂

  1. Your list is wonderful. I agreed with everything you said, and the cold compresses and heating pads really resonated with me. I deal with patients in acute care and all of these items make them happy too. It’s the little things that show that you’re thinking about them is what makes things so special and meaningful.

    1. Hey Hilary, thank you! I’m hoping people will take the advice from this into consideration. I couldn’t agree with you more! A friend of mine bought me a small present earlier on this year, she bought me temple salve for migraines. For some that may not be extravagant at all, but it really touched me. ?

  2. Love this list. As a fellow chronic illness sufferer I would love any of these… but couldn’t agree more, people’s time becomes so much more precious when you become ill. Have a good Christmas ?

    1. Hey Emma thanks for reading and commenting! Did you get anything on the list for Christmas? ? Wishing you a happy and prosperous new year also ?

  3. Love your list Tasha! I have hip dysplacia, which has progressed to osteoarthritis, so when I have a flare up and cannot walk, I can be stuck at home for some time. All of these presents would be amazing if I received them, because they are thoughtful.

  4. Thanks AJ, I’m sorry to hear about your condition. I can imagine how difficult and frustrating that must be for you. Share this article with your friends/family & they might catch on to your hint in time for Christmas 😉

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