Chronic illness warriors are not failures!

Chronic Illness Warriors Are Not Failures!

Hey Warriors! I imagine that some of you have experienced a great start to your week – if so, that’s awesome! But if you haven’t had a great start, this Pain Warrior Pep Talk is for you. I hope this post will remind you, that you as a chronic illness warrior – are not a failure! Chronic illness Warriors are not failures!

Chronic Illness Warriors Are Not Failures!

When Do We Tend To Feel This Way?

Have you noticed how easy it is to feel like a failure when you’re dealing with a chronic illness? How many of you have found yourself feeling that way at some point during your journey?

We don’t always feel that way about ourselves, that is true. But interestingly enough, that thought or concept creeps up on us when we least expect it. I have recognised a pattern in when it arrives for some people; sometimes right after a high moment when we have achieved something. This is usually a time that we are – or should be feeling great about ourselves emotionally and mentally. On the other hand, that feeling also tends to land itself upon us during a season in our lives when we are being bombarded by things that are weighing down and exhausting us.

Why Do We Feel This Way?

Well that is a very open question with answers that are unique to us individually. However, the root of it can be down to a few different reasons which I will go on to explain.

A common reason is disappointment in how our lives have turned out. Disappointment in the fact that we have struggled with our pain and/or illness for so long, et cetera. Disappointment can rob you of joy, hope and perspective sometimes. It can be difficult to navigate because we are emotionally invested and therefore we can’t always have clear thoughts on certain things that are close to us.

Another factor that I’ll mention is comparison. It can be linked to the point where I mentioned disappointment. Sometimes we aren’t where we wanted to be in our lives and comparison can play a major part in that. There are times you may compare your life by using somebody else’s achievements to measure where you are within your own. The truth is, that never benefits us if we are not navigating our thoughts properly. We are all on our own unique paths. So another person’s life should never be compared to your own life. The only times I have seen it used positively is when people are taking tips as a way to better themselves as people. But the moment you start internally using it as a beating stick against yourself – is the moment you need to cancel that process in your mind.

Some may even feel like a failure due to anxiety or depression – we all know that it is common for Pain Warriors deal with those emotions and conditions. Many are clinically diagnosed with those conditions. The fact that our journey is unique and uncommon compared to others, can cause us to feel like we are failures as well. Especially when we feel misunderstood by those who are around us or close to us.

"The fact that our journey is unique and uncommon compared to others, can cause us to feel like we are failures as well". – Tasha Marie.Chronic Illness Warriors Are Not Failures! Click To Tweet

I imagine that for new Pain Warriors, dealing with such a drastic change in their lives can also cause them to feel defeated, frustrated and like a failure too. I’m sure you remember how you felt when your whole world seemed to crash down as soon as your chronic condition kicked in.

Pride can be a factor that contributes to people experiencing ‘feeling like a failure’. Some expect to be in a certain place in their lives by a certain time & may feel hindered by their chronic illness. Some may be prideful in that they don’t like having to rely on others or seek help. Pride can sometimes manifest itself in ways that are very subtle and can sometimes be hard to detect – especially during self reflection. But there is no shame in asking for help. Everyone needs help or support at some point in their lives and that doesn’t make you any less of a person if you do. You may not be where you want to be – but you are still on your way. Don’t knock yourself for that.

There are plenty more reasons one can feel like a failure, but once you figure out what it is that has triggered the ‘feeling of failure’ for yourself – target it back and do whatever you need to in order to eliminate it!

So how do you target it back?

Ultimately, Remember This…

You. Are. Not. A. Failure!

Please recite that, remember it, write it down, tweet it, draw it – do whatever is going to help those few words resonate with you and become ingrained within your memory!

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Let us remember that emotions and feelings are fickle. They’re always subject to change. Also, dare I say something controversial – they are not always true or correct. There are plenty of people who have achieved great things out there, yet still feel like a failure for numerous reasons. Therefore, how we feel about ourselves isn’t always accurate.

Know this – the fact that you are still here, is proof that you’re not a failure. You’re here to do something great & to be a blessing to somebody, somewhere – whether you realise it or not. If you haven’t achieved your dreams or goals yet – that’s okay. I haven’t yet either! Our time will come. Just continue to take one day at a time and do whatever you can do. Don’t push yourself excessively to the point where your body shuts down. Don’t pile pressure on yourself because that is going to mess with your mindset and emotions. Eventually, that will lead to you shutting yourself down out of frustration and anger. Let’s be real – we are chronic illness warriors; our bodies are already kicking our own butts! We don’t need to encourage that any further by pressuring ourselves.

You are precious and valuable. Don’t allow yourself – or others around you for that matter, tell you any different. Anybody who comes to you with negative talk and devalues you – let that connection go. It will not feed nor benefit you.

"You are precious and valuable. Don't allow yourself – or others around you for that matter, tell you any different." – Tasha MarieChronic Illness Warriors Are Not Failures! Click To Tweet

Did You Find This Post Helpful?

Warriors, I hope this Pain Warrior Pep Talk has encouraged you – keep your head up and keep fighting one day at a time! We are already past a quarter in to the year and it can be difficult to maintain your hope. Check out How To Maintain Hope For 2021 for any additional tips and reminders!

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Until Next Time Warriors,

Tasha Marie x

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  1. Hey Tasha Marie, I came across this post at the right time. Thank you for the reminder and the encouraging words.
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