Can you tell when a flare is about to happen?

Do you know when a flare is about to happen?

Hey Warriors!

Flare ups can be extremely unpredictable for some. Some are sporadic, others are expected to occur a certain frequency of times within a period – but they vary from one individual to the next.

For this weeks’ Pain Warrior Talk, the question is can you tell if a flare is about to happen? What are the signs for you?

Share your experiences in the comment section below!

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13 thoughts on “Do you know when a flare is about to happen?”

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    1. Hey Claire, thank you for mentioning and sharing me! I understand the struggle of not catching up with the nominations. I’ve still got to do one myself! ??

  2. Whenever I get tired, stressed, run down or sick my MS symptoms ramp up so I’m doing my best to keep all of these things in check. Another thing that makes a difference is when I miss taking my supplements and if I’m eating the wrong foods, but when I have all of these things running smoothly, my body and brain is so much happier. My Neurologist says managing my health should be my full time job and she is right, sometimes it seems like a job, but the payoff is great when I’ve got myself together!

    1. Your neurologist sounds like a wise person! That’s interesting to hear that eating the wrong foods can lead to the flare as well. I have found managing the stress/energy levels can be so tricky. But you’re right – we have to manage it and stay on top of everything otherwise it’ll all collapse for us!

    2. They are out there – I had a terrible one back in 2016. Made me lose hope and give up on the medical system for a while. I felt like I was speaking to a numpty. Very desensitised. Considering I spent 6 months waiting for that appointment, I felt like my time had been seriously wasted. It was worthless. But then I got a second one this year…things are looking up!

    3. It doesn’t, no. But that being said, I’m confident that things will work out anyway. The hard part is just being patient & not getting discouraged! ?

  3. I normally notice skin irritations pop up right before I have a flare up. I almost always know that if I use up to much energy than I’m unfortunately probably going to pay for it. Energy management is my life but I most of the time can keep it balanced. It’s those added pop up things that throws me off at times.

    1. That’s quite unique. What condition are you living with if you don’t mind me asking? I understand what you mean about energy management – those unpredictable, unexpected situations that throws everything out of sync can cause so much trouble!

    2. I’m kind of still in process of the Dr’s doing tests because they have diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia, cystitis and IBS but my consistent low grade fevers and my auto immune levels have elevated more as of recently. I’m sure you know with some auto immune disorders they can at times take a while to pinpoint.

    3. I definitely understand that, they can really take what feels like a lifetime to catch them. It definitely sounds like you’re dealing with quite a variety there. How long have you been dealing with all of this for?

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