have you ever tried pain management or counselling?

Have you tried pain management or counselling?

As pain warriors, we are often offered various options of treatments for our chronic illnesses and pain.

So the question for this week’s Pain Warrior Talks is have you ever tried pain management or counselling for your illness or pain?

If so, how did you find it? Leave a comment below about your experiences!

Tasha Marie

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4 thoughts on “Have you tried pain management or counselling?”

  1. I’ve never heard of therapy for pain management. I’m going to subscribe to the comments here to see other people’s experiences. I find this really interesing!

    1. I’ve only heard about people having it and then looked into afterwards. It seems like somebody can be referred (in the UK) depending on what kind of pain or illness they’re dealing with.

  2. I have been going to pain management for years now and it does help my pain issues. I have refused to go on anything too strong because I am wise enough to know the pain isn’t going anywhere and I need to have something to lean on when I get older.

    1. It’s refreshing to hear that you’ve been going and that it has been helping you. Did you have to wrestle to get the pain management or was it quite a smooth process for you? I understand why you’re avoiding the strong stuff – that makes plenty of sense.

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