how do you cope during flare days?

How do you cope with your flare days?

Flare days can be such a nightmare for all of us! They happen in such a variety of ways for all of us. Although they differ for all of us, the impact they can have on us mentally is the same.

So the question for this week’s Pain Warrior Talk  is – how do you cope with your flare days? What helps you? Share your tips with us by commenting below!

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6 thoughts on “How do you cope with your flare days?”

  1. I tend to listen to meditation music when I’m having a difficult day. I turn on YouTube on my TV and then find “sleep” music…it’s often gorgeous scenery with beautiful serene music and it helps me to relax. When we’re in pain we tend to hold our breath, and this helps to allow for deep breathing, which relaxes the muscles, allowing pain to be released. It’s very soothing and I quite often end up napping in my recliner when I’m watching these!!

    1. Hey Pamela, you have hit the nail on the head! I’ve been using the same tactics for the past few years. I use an app with ocean sounds and it really does soothe me (especially at work). And you’re right about the breathing – I usually take deep breaths when the pain is at it’s worse. It’s something that I pushed a lot on my twitter. The breathing makes such a difference!

  2. It depends if my pain comes with mercy or cruelty. At this moment, my neck to my shoulder is not being too kind, even after just having a double nerve block last week in that area. All I know to do is a little bit of TENS unit and ice wrap, and make sure I am up on all my meds. I sometimes accidentally miss them when they are due to be taken as prescribed. Lord willing that will help.
    Praying for you, dearest Tasha! God loves you!

    1. Hey Gail, I’m hoping that pain will ease up sooner rather than later. What does the double nerve block entail? I understand missing out on the doses all too well! Thank you and I’ll keep you in my prayers also – you lovely human you! God bless you ??

    2. The doctor carefully shoots numbing medication and steroid medication right up against your spine in the area of pain and inflammation. I had shots in the cervical and thoracic areas last week.
      Thank you for the prayers! And your very kind words! 🙂 Me and God love you, dearest Tasha! <3

  3. Oh wow, have the shots been working for you at all? How often do you have to get them? And the same love and appreciation for you also ???

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