Don’t Let Your Pain Diminish Your Spirit #PainWarriorPepTalk

Hey Warriors,

I originally intended to write this as a short pain warrior pep talk, but I found the message kept developing further as I was typing it up. I believe there are many people whose spirit has been deflated by the constant internal battle they’ve had to face. I hope this helps…

This is a reminder to hold on to who you are. I have often written to you guys that you are more than your pain. There is more to you than your illness. Your illness is a part of who you are, of course. However don’t be deceived into believing that is ALL you are. 

Amongst other factors, your personality, character and experiences all play a part in shaping your identity. Your pain has also played a part without a doubt. However we must take the time to be reflective of ourselves & our illness. If not, our pain can dominate everything and cause us to be shaped into a person that is no longer even close to who we truly are. Pain IS hard. Pain DOES change you. But the one thing you must not allow your illness to do is diminish your spirit. Being ill will inevitably pull you down for a while, but choose to rise up again and fight back warriors. You deserve to have a good life. A good life doesn’t exclude hard times, unfortunately those are guaranteed. But you are allowed to have a life that is beautiful despite your struggles. I keep fighting because God has always been faithful and I’m reminded that he came so I could have life abundantly. An abundant life is not one that is solely consumed by my sickness, but one that is focused on having peace, love towards others, contentment and gratitude for the blessings that I have in my life. Now these things don’t come overnight – but through actively seeking God, they come over time. 

I’m sharing this because I want you to understand that my identity hardly comes from my sickness, but more from my relationship with God and my faith. That’s what has anchored me & pulled me back when I felt like my sickness was changing me for the worst. 

I encourage you all to remember who you are. Who you were before you got sick. That person is still in there, but has been buried under the rubble of your pain. Now I’m not talking about the immature or less aware parts of who you were. I’m focusing on those good parts of you that your illness has suppressed; maybe you used to be outgoing, patient, forgiving or even courageous. Those traits are essentially who you are. Allow them to rise to the surface again. Your illness has attacked your body and your mind, but you have the power to take your mind back again. Most of us pain warriors can’t control how our illness affects our bodies, but ALL of us can control how it affects our minds. Many of us just don’t realise this. I urge you to take some time out to reflect on where you are right now emotionally and mentally, and ask yourself where do you want to be. Everything starts with a choice being made. Then you fight to go and get it. Go and get yourself & your life back warriors. It’s YOURS for the taking! Remember that you are powerful and awesome! You rule! 

Tasha M


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5 thoughts on “Don’t Let Your Pain Diminish Your Spirit #PainWarriorPepTalk”

  1. I really needed these words today. I am tapering off a seizure medication and having a hard time. My life has been shattered by chronic illness and I cannot help but wonder when I will get to start putting things back together. Your words reminded me that God will make a treasure of my brokenness.

    Thank you!

    1. Hey thanks for writing, I can understand the struggle with meds. Unfortunately chronic illnesses will place us in the wilderness for a while that feels absolutely pointless. But just like God used that time to try and reshape the Israelites, he’s doing the same with us also. I have noticed the pattern that he will break down a structure that somebody had and will rebuild something that is stronger and everlasting in it’s place. Something that is greater than what you had before. Let God put things back together for you like he did for Job. The posts on your blogs are priceless and they are helping more people than you realise. But you wouldn’t have been able to fulfil that if you didn’t experience your pain. Sending spooie hugs! God Bless,
      Tasha M

  2. You are so right. Loved reading this. Hearing you say what I believe is just the affirmation I needed to know I am not alone. Strong women have such similar stories of pain struggle and success.

    1. Hey thanks for commenting Sumam. I’m pleased this pep talk served as an affirmation for you. Your success is often waiting on the other side of your struggle. Keep on fighting & keep your head up ?

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