what do you wish more people had awareness about?

Introducing Pain Warrior Talks!

Hey warriors, I have been sharing posts called ‘Pain Warrior Talks’, where anyone can participate in conversations on instagram, twitter & Facebook.

However I know some of you don’t have accounts on the other platforms so I’ll be posting them on here also.

This week’s question is what do you wish more people had awareness about? This could be your illness, struggles or symptoms that come along with it.

Join in with the chat and voice your opinion by posting in the comments section!

Tasha Marie

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4 thoughts on “Introducing Pain Warrior Talks!”

  1. Ooo this is a good one!
    More awareness that everyone is unique – the symptoms, and what may or may not help, is different from one person to the next.
    There’s more than meets the eye because those with ‘invisible’ illness may look fine, but feel far from it. Don’t rush to judgement, nor make them feel guilty should they dare crack a smile or try to have a little fun when they can.
    I wish doctors would appreciate that just because certain conditions are ‘usually’ found in certain people (age, gender, whether they’ve had children, whether they’ve been through menopause etc) doesn’t mean that you can’t and don’t have it just because you don’t fit with those generalisations. Thanks to such faulty, stereotyped thinking, my diagnoses have been delayed and my health as suffered as a result. This happens to too many people.
    The list could go on..!
    Caz xx

  2. I wish there was more awareness regarding mental health. People take it for granted and do not accept people who are going through depression. The taboo associated with mental health has to be ripped from the core.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more. It’s always not taken seriously or people are nonchalant about it and will throw out statements like ‘be happy’. That’s not how we tackle the struggle people endure. Work with them, understand them. Just listen. Talk to people and not at them. It seems like it’s starting to become a trending topic – but we’ve got a long way to go ?

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