MRI tomorrow…this should be fun!

mri pic.jpg

So tomorrow is the day I finally have another MRI…will be posting about this. Pray for me warriors!

Tasha M


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5 thoughts on “MRI tomorrow…this should be fun!”

  1. I know MRIs are no fun, but they are one of those things that are necessary. Hopefully it will not take too long and then you will be done! In the past when I had to have the brain and Cspine, I was in there for about an hour and a half. I really hope yours won’t be that long, but if it is try to zone out and it will end sooner!!! I will be thinking of you and sending you lots of positive vibes!

  2. I’ve had many MRI’s. I always freak out about tight spaces so one time I decided I would recite scripture to help me. I finally found one that was open but had to go about 3 hours away. Good luck! I pray the results will be definitive!!

    1. I don’t mind the spaces too much, the first one made me feel like I was in a pod from a sci-fi movie and I liked it ? but it’s good you draw on the scripture when necessary. I often have to when I have moments of anxiety or stress

    1. Ooh lovely! I’ll give your post a read! ? the actual day was fairly terrible. Had a migraine by the time I arrived at the hospital for the MRI. Which made for a horrid evening‚Ķtrust that to happen to me! Lol

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