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Hi everybody!

My name is Tasha Marie, I’m currently an entrepreneur and a singer-songwriter/musician. I’m a pain warrior who has been dealing with chronic migraines, one day at a time. 

I have always had migraines ever since I can remember. I experienced them sporadically during my childhood, but my family and I were unaware that they were migraines. To us, they were just really agonising headaches.

In my teenage years, I started experiencing migraines with auras. My main symptoms were strong nausea along with blind-spots. I used to panic, thinking that maybe I was losing my vision and needed to go to the opticians. Whenever I went to see my GP about them, I was told that I just needed to stop eating cheese and take paracetamol. Not once, did a doctor ever say that I could be dealing with migraines. 

By the time I made it to my college and university years, migraines were a thing of the past for me. Unfortunately at the age of 23, the frequent headaches and (unbeknownst to me) the migraine attacks returned during really stressful times up to 4x a year. I started researching into why I would always lose my vision during a migraine (or experience what they call a “visual disturbance”), then discovered I was dealing with migraines. I remember reading about the people who would have attacks 3 times a week and thinking to myself “Thank God that is not me. Things could be worse!”.

Unfortunately, things became worse in Summer 2015. All I remember is waking up with a migraine, taking ibuprofen tablets and attempting to sleep it off. I woke up, still in agonising pain. So I took a second dose and repeated the ‘sleeping it off’ method. It wouldn’t budge. I had to miss out on work for over a week. I still had the migraine. A second week had passed and I still had the migraine, so I went to the hospital. The doctor had tested my cranial sensors and told me to see my GP to monitor my migraines. Since then, I have tried a variety of medications and none have worked thus far except dicoflenac (sometimes). I’ve had multiple tests, MRIs, seen numerous neurologists, opticians, optometrists and even a holistic physiotherapist.

Although I haven’t found that right medication that consistently works, I am fighting every day to remain optimistic and I am putting my faith and trust in God for my healing. He is the one that keeps me positive, strong and determined to fight. He picks me up and enables me to stand when I feel like I can’t endure any more.

I decided to start this site specifically for pain warriors/chronic illness warriors, because it is hard to see the light when you are constantly in pain. We need as much encouragement as we can get. I made up my mind after a breaking point that I’m not going to let my pain drag me down. I refuse to let my pain dictate every area of my life or my future. I will have life, abundantly. By God, I will not be defeated.

It occurred to me that maybe there are others who have found themselves in a slump and need somebody to encourage them to try their hardest to enjoy life despite the difficulties they face.

So I’ll share whatever positivity I have, with you. I hope it lifts you up, that you feel empowered and ready to fight back for your life. Know that you are not alone.

This is for you fellow pain warrior, who needs encouragement.

I pray that the Pain Warrior Code will help you to remember that even though you have pain, you can persevere and ultimately have prosperity

Tasha Marie

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  1. I am sorry to read you have so much pain.
    Just out of curiosity, have you ever had an occipital nerve block? I was curious because I had one for a different issue referring to a lot of spinal damage, but when they gave me the shots it immediately relieved chronic headaches and pains I have all of the time, opened stubbornly shut sinuses, and overall made my head feel peacefully good. I was told by my doctor it is also given to people who suffer severe migraines. I am no doctor, but you are the first person with migraines I can ask. I was surprised when he told me because I have grown up with migraine sufferers who never knew there were such shots.
    I pray God sends you some relief. God loves you!

    1. Hey Gail, no I’ve never heard of them. If it’s occipital nerves only then I am wondering if that’ll only relieve tension headaches ? I will look into it but the only thing that makes me nervous about meds is the other problems they trigger off ? it is interesting that people with headaches/migraines aren’t more aware of that though.
      Do you still have them? Thank you – I’m definitely trusting in God for my healing to come ??
      Tasha x

    2. The pressure that causes one for me has tried to come back at times, but have not been near as like before… thus far PTL! But mine are more affected by having nerves, blood vessels, and muscles that are enflamed with some of the same that have not been used as much in years because of spinal damage. I am as curious as you are when it comes to the migraines for so many friends.
      I pray you find some relief… certainly no triggering. I am praying and trusting in God with you! <3

  2. I suffer from chronic migraines as well, they’re constantly thumping through my head, plus worse attacks where all I can do is lie in a darkened room with my head wrapped in ice packs. I take morphine to control the pain, it keeps it down to a marginally manageable level. But it doesn’t stop all the pain. I’ve tried Botox and the occipital nerve block that helped sometimes but not consistently.
    Hope you get better and good luck with your blog.

    1. Thanks Cat, I’ve recently just started new meds so I’m hoping that’ll make a difference. Have you tried anything else since the Botox and nerve block? Your attacks sound very similar to mine. It’s very frustrating stuff. ??
      Tasha x

    2. Dear Tasha:
      I’m on 150 mg of morphine a day, they’re slow release so they last 12 hours. I take 90 in the morning and 60 at night. They help to keep the pain down to a more minor throb. But I still have bad attacks that nothing will help but lying in bed with ice packs and some fast acting morphine that lasts 4 hours.
      I’ve tried chiropractic, acupuncture and homoeopathic, none of them worked. The nerve block helped a little and the botox really helped one time, but not the rest of the time.
      What new meds are you trying? I hope they work for you. Perhaps you would prefer to PM me at
      Warm regards,

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  7. Marelize Coetzee

    Tasha, I found your uplifting blog on pinterest this evening, or let me rephrase: God sent this to me after a really hard day. Thank you for this encouragement. I pray for you for relief of all the pain you experience. I have fybromyalgia- basically chronic pain. The cause is unknown. Just like you, I see this as something God allowed in my life, to help me grow in my faith, and to teach me through pain to help others in need. So many people around us are in pain, on a physical and emotional level, and we can support and help them through our own experiences and Jesus’s wisdom. Hope i am making some sense here. Take care and please know that I am praying for you.

    1. Hey Marelize, thanks for reaching out. I’m amazed at how God uses this blog & allows people to find it at the right time! I’m sorry to hear that you have fibro. I know a few people who have it and know it can be very tough. What you said makes perfect sense and you’re right. God is definitely using our struggles to grow us, so that we can be a blessing to others. Keep up the good fight and allow him to use you! I will also keep you in my prayers & feel free to join the mailing list so you can receive new posts via email.
      God Bless
      Tasha Marie x

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