My Thoughts During An MRI Scan

Hey Warriors,

Some of you may be aware that I have had a few MRI scans in the past. Those of you who have had the same, know that the first can be daunting because you don’t know what to expect! Overall, my experiences turned out to be humorous to me! So I’m going to share some of the thoughts I recall of having during my scans. If you have never had a scan before and you’ve got one coming up, I hope this post will bring you some comedic relief and put you at ease.

Disclaimer: I actually had these thoughts. Yes I’m weird like that…pray for me!

1) Wow this machine is pretty cool


2) What if I’m uncomfortable I can’t move huh?


3)I hope they find something


4) …actually, I hope they DON’T find something!


 5) They said I could listen to music – why aren’t they playing anything?


 6) I hope I won’t need to go toilet in the middle of the scan200w-1.gif

7) I feel like I’m in a sci-fi movie or something. Is this machine a pod that’ll bring me away from earth?




9) OH GOD…LIGHTS! (If you have a sensitivity to lights, this is a MAJOR problem!)


 10) So…how long are they gonna keep me in here for?


11) *Insert humming*


12) Uh oh…I have an itch!


12) Is it over already? That was quick.


So those were some of my thoughts. I can’t say having a scan is a boring experience! So what about you Warriors? If you’ve had an MRI scan, comment below about what your experience was like, and don’t forget to subscribe to this blog if you haven’t already!

Until next time,

Tasha Marie

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8 thoughts on “My Thoughts During An MRI Scan”

  1. aroundthetableblog

    I had to go inside a tube for an MRI about 15 years ago. They told me to close my eyes before they slid me in. I could feel air moving and thought, “It must be bigger in here than people say, I’m sure I’d be fine with my eyes open.” I opened them and the top was RIGHT THERE. It was almost touching my nose! I closed my eyes immediately. I realized there was a fan blowing air on me. As long as my eyes were closed I had the illusion of space. My thoughts weren’t as fun as yours!

  2. Haha thank for the comedic relief! 🙂 I’m actually, strangely, okay with MRIs! I just treat it like a forced meditative experience and have fallen asleep before lol. I just tell myself it’ll be over real quick which helps 🙂

    1. Hey Sheryl, I’m glad it brought some comedic relief! I don’t mind them too much, but I was nervous the first time around. You feel asleep in one?! lol x

  3. I always alternate between 3 and 4. “If they find something, finally I’ll have a diagnosis. But what if they find a really bad something? Shouldn’t I be asking for them to find nothing? But if they find nothing when will I ever get my diagnosis? Someone find something! But not a big something. Seriously. I wanna live! So many great mobies coming out that I wanna see! Please,let it be something manageable.”

    Yvonne Wabai |

    1. This sounds EXACTLY like what was running through my head! You’re torn between the two, especially when you’re waiting for the results! It’s a very complex matter for us internally. I’ll check your blog out 🙂

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