Hold on to your dreams!

Hey Warriors – hold on to your dreams!

As you know, I was planing to post this the other day. But of course, having a chronic illness blog as somebody WITH a chronic illness – means you have those days that delay you because you’re in too much pain!

I wanted to create and share this image above, to serve as piece of encouragement for you. I felt it was important to share this because chronic illness turns your life upside down. At some point, this can render you hopeless. Nobody plans to have a chronic illness. So when it does show up, everything you HAD planned & dreamed of is threatened. It almost takes away the possibility of you achieving whatever you wanted. ALMOST. However it doesn’t have to. For some, your illness will force you in the direction that brings about the change of your dreams. Trust and believe that this change will work out for your good.

On the other hand, some of you may be in circumstances where your dream can be achieved, but you might have to go through some unconventional things to make it happen. Just trust that you will get there.

Warriors, I encourage you to hold onto your dreams. Sometimes your circumstances are forcing you to believe your dream is impossible, but I dare you to challenge that. Be the first to do what nobody else has done before. It’s okay to walk the path that nobody else has before – that’s what makes you a trailblazer. If anybody can be a trailblazer – it’s you warriors!

Tasha Marie

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11 thoughts on “Hold on to your dreams!”

  1. This was so incredibly true and a little sad, but yet beautiful. I know that was all over the place, but I found this to be so true it created lots of emotions because this is how I feel most of the time! Thank you for sharing this!!!

    1. Thanks Alyssa. I have often had these thoughts and feelings but by faith I trust that my sickness will not block or interfere with my destiny, rather enhance it/ help me to get there. Keep fighting back whenever those feelings of anxiety try to take over. You’ve got this ???

    2. Hey Alyssa, I thought I had replied but the last few days have been quite crazy. Thank you so much for the nomination!! ? I’ll make sure to post it within the next few days ⭐️?

    3. I’ll make sure to post it within the next few days, I’m half way through the post with the questions 😉

  2. I love this – it’s a similar message to what I posted yesterday, as I was thinking about how what we had wanted to do/achieve may need to be adjusted, or the path to get there changed. It can be incredibly disheartening to feel as though our hopes, dreams and ambitions are out the window due to illness, but sometimes there are ways around it, ways to still aim towards the values we have and the passions we wanted to fulfil. Great post 🙂
    Caz x

    1. Exactly! It all depends on everyone’s individual situation. Because some can still be attainable even though it may seem impossible, even oxymoronic. Look at me; I’m a musician with a sensitivity to sound! But I know what God showed me loong before I got sick & will continue to pursue it. But there are some people who have their dreams change over time as their circumstance does – and they find themselves having new desires. ⭐️?

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