School’s Out, Pain Warrior Code’s in!!

Hey warriors! I’ve been quiet for the past week as it was the last (and craziest) week at school. But I am now FINISHED FOR THE SUMMER!! So expect lots of content on the Pain Warrior Code ???

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7 thoughts on “School’s Out, Pain Warrior Code’s in!!”

    1. Thank you my lovely! I have been dragging myself for the finish line for most of this academic year ??

    2. Now you can be proud of yourself that you made it!!! It is now time to rest and take care of yourself!! When does school start back again?

    3. thank you! I’m trying but I must admit I’ve felt so SHATTERED! I’m hoping my energy levels will pick up next week lol School starts back in the first week of September. So i’ve got 5 and a half week left!

    4. I trust they will I just have to be determined to do nothing – which is proving harder to do this year for some reason! lol I hope your last week has been easier on the pain scale ??

    5. Always trust in yourself and life will work out! It isn’t easy, but I think life always goes according to a plan we will never understand! I hope your week goes well!!

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