Just because that person didn't go through your struggle, it doesn't mean that they didn't go through a struggle.

Thoughts on struggles

Just some food for thought warriors. This applies to everybody – those with and without chronic pain.

I’ve seen some people use their illness as a way do downplay other people’s struggles, but they have no idea how someone else’s struggle is really impacting them internally.

I’ve seen people without chronic illnesses do the same too.

We all need to keep in mind that struggle is inevitable for all of us no matter which paths we’re on. The one common thing about struggle for all of us is that it can have the potential to break us all down the same way. Thus, the best thing we can do for each other is just listen instead of talking at others about what we don’t know.

That being said warriors, when somebody tries to put down your experience, stand your ground (if you feel it’s necessary – sometimes it’s not worth arguing with a fool and it’s a waste of time.) because your voice and experience matters. Keep in mind that you’re still here; an individual that has overcome or is in the midst of overcoming their struggle. Your endurance proves you to be the warrior that you truly are.

Keep your head up warriors!

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Tasha M


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