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What Makes Us Winners?

As we know – life comes with many ups and downs. But dealing with a chronic illness can feel like we experience more moments where we feel down, than up. It can be fairly easy for an individual to become consumed with their pain and struggles, to the point that they feel defeated and crushed by their trails. But I am here to remind you that Pain Warriors are winners! So, What makes us winners?

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What Makes You A Winner

You are not alone!

As someone who has dealt with chronic migraine for a number of years, I have communicated with so many people who live with chronic illnesses. I have noticed that the thoughts and processes that we all go through are quite similar. Especially, when it comes to thoughts and feelings that we experience as a result of our struggle.

We set goals for ourselves and feel frustration or disappointment if we don’t meet them. We have our moments where we are hard on ourselves for not completing any tasks. Because we experience days when we haven’t been able to function much – we can find ourselves feeling like we’re not progressing. Sometimes the thoughts/feelings might walk the line of “my life is going nowhere. I’m stuck.”

It can feel like we are going round in circles. Like we can never keep up. We got bombarded by so many negative thoughts and feelings and we entertain them for far too long.

We must stop doing that.

Being a Pain Warrior means that we might not get to complete with the tasks that we or others expect us to in a certain amount of time. it’s important that we recognise the importance of moving at our own pace. We don’t function the same way as non-pain warriors – and that’s okay. But we must learn to be proud of ourselves and celebrate small victories. We must learn to have satisfaction with ourselves, even if all we have done is get up, get ready and that’s it! People without chronic illnesses might not understand the energy and willpower it takes to do something so ‘simple’, but we do. So we shouldn’t measure ourselves by their standards or the standards that we once had before we became sick.

But please remember this…

You are a warrior – regardless of how you may feel. Being a warrior means that you’re going to have strength to face and overcome whatever you are facing. Yes you will fall down sometimes but ultimately, you will get up and you will win this war!

Remember that means that in addition to being a warrior, you are also a winner. How do I know this? Because you have survived every day you have experienced thus far!

We are in a category that is vulnerable to suicide. As we’ve heard countless times, suicide is a real problem amongst those with chronic illnesses. According to an article I read Suicides linked to chronic illness, as of 2011, a study called ‘The Truth About Suicide’, one in ten suicides are linked to chronic illnesses in the UK. That statistic is higher than it should be. But in spite of that, you haven’t checked out – you’ve stayed with us.

The fact that we keep pushing in spite of everything that keeps attempting to hold us back – makes us winners. It just doesn’t always feel like it though. Perseverance gives us sustenance.

Whenever you feel like you are losing in life and like you won’t make it to the other side of whatever your trial – remind yourself that the very fact you are still here today means that you are a winner!

You know what else makes us winners? The determination we have to keep going. We keep fighting to live the best lives that we can, until it is our time to pass on to the other side. We get knocked down daily, but we continue to rise and start again the next day. Now if that’s not perseverance, I don’t know what is.

Remember that you are a winner. Victory is yours!

I know the struggle is difficult, but you have made it so far already. You haven’t been defeated and you won’t be defeated in this war overall.

So warriors, continue to encourage yourself, and keep your head up. Yes, you live with pain – but you will have perseverance and ultimately, prosperity.

If you feel like you need further encouragement, check out my post To Those Who Feel Like Giving Up…

I hope this post has encouraged you. Do leave a comment below and let us know what makes you a winner!

Also, please share this post with any other pain warriors who you know that might need to read this. We have to look out for each other and support one another in the chronic illness community. Each one reach one!

Until next time Warriors,

Tasha Marie

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17 thoughts on “What Makes Us Winners?”

    1. Hey Alyssa, thanks for checking out the new site and commenting! *Doing a celebratory dance*
      I am glad this post served as a reminder – I have the utmost respect for our community. We have so much strength and resilience, but we don’t always remember until someone reminds us.

    2. Yes! I’m optimistic for you guys. That election had us on the edge of our seats in the U.K.! 😄 Now we just need to change our leaders!

    3. I am beyond thrilled with the election results because Trump was awful in more words than I can say! Maybe Trump and your leader can relocate to Epstein’s island:)!!!

    4. Hey Leslie, thank you so much for your kind words. They really resonated with me – especially about my attitude being my best weapon. You’ve just inspired a whole post! lol ⭐️

  1. Thank you for your encouraging words Tasha! Some days can be really tough for me to be in so much pain and not being able to walk like I used to. However, I needed the reminder that I am doing better and survived some dark days because I am a warrior and God strengthens me to fight another day.

  2. Thank you for your comment AJ! I’m go glad to know that this post was helpful. Always hold on to your identity as a Warrior and remember that victory will be yours. Keep up the good fight! ⭐️

  3. Love this!! You are speaking my chronic language LOL! I wish more people would realize that winning is not doing things like they used to and hurting their bodies, but that it is the determination to make it through another day, to find ways to do things that don’t increase pain, for caring for their body even if that means resting. Thanks for a great post!

    1. I find that if I note and celebrate those little things. I got up. I chose to eat am apple instead of that Recess cup. I meditated while laying down. Those wins and celebrations strengthens me.

    2. Hey Katie, that makes such a big difference and has a great impact on our perspectives. That might not be a big deal for people without chronic illnesses – but we have to put in so much effort to do those daily tasks. That’s definitely worth celebrating and being proud of ⭐️

    3. Hey Cynthia, thank you! Haha I love the chronic language reference! Resting is so simple, yet it’s the most overlooked thing in western culture. So many people feel like they’re losing, but don’t realise in that same moment that the fact they are still fighting proves they have the determination of a winner! Thank you for reading & commenting ⭐️

  4. I’m sorry you struggle with chronic migraines too. It’s hugely debilitating and you’re right, that negative thinking and self-talk can take us around in circles. This is such a comforting, uplifting read – I love your strong pick-me-up here and inspiration, what a kick ass post!

    Caz xx

    1. Hey Caz, I didn’t realise you dealt with chronic migraine as well! Gosh it’s frustrating isn’t it?! It is so difficult to break that holding pattern of thoughts, but we can get there! Thanks for your kind words. The fact that you described this post as kick-ass has made my day! 😄
      Tasha Marie x

    2. Yeah, chronic migraines are the pits. I get about 5 days a week now taken out with migraines. I know we’re not in the same situation or anything, but I ‘get’ how shitty it is. It’s never ‘just’ a migraine. And this post was 100% kick ass! xx

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