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Your Pain is Not in Vain!

Hey Warriors, those of you who follow Pain Warrior Code on twitter would have seen a tweet that I posted recently;

“Every day is a new opportunity to learn something new and to help somebody else. Your pain is NOT in vain!

I was inspired to tweet this because we can easily get stuck in a rut with all the pain we experience on a daily basis. We can become consumed by a dark, isolated world where all we feel is pain, but don’t take into consideration that it can be used for a purpose.

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Some of you may have already read my story, but I started the Pain Warrior Code after God revealed to me that my pain had a purpose; to bring some light and encouragement to those who are dealing with the darkness of chronic illness. If I didn’t experience the pain myself. Although it was hard and it took some time, I eventually came to understand and accept that my pain has been a contributing factor to a cause greater than just myself. It is to help people who are dealing with the same issues and need encouragement. Through this, I was taught how to use it to help others.

Your Pain Has A Purpose

A part of our pain’s purpose is also to bring about revelation to us about life. To teach us about ourselves and the people around us. It causes us to re-evaluate our lifestyles, since we are forced to make adjustments.

Interestingly enough, pain is proof of what you are made of. You’re much stronger than you realise. We get so caught up in our struggle (as it chips away at us daily) – that we often don’t acknowledge our strength until a non-pain warrior points it out to us!

We are guaranteed to learn lessons from our experiences if we keep our minds open and evaluate ourselves. People learn new things daily. However, it means nothing if we don’t apply any of the knowledge to our lives and use it to help others navigate their way.

So pain warrior, I encourage you to use your pain. The control is in your hands to turn your pain around and do something great with it. Something that you never even thought possible.

Encourage people.

Have you ever noticed how easy it is to come across negativity and not see any positivity online? We are living in dark times, so it’s beneficial to make an effort to encourage someone else. It can impact somebody else in a good way and leave a lasting effect that’ll do more good. 

It’s already common knowledge that suicide is running rampart in the Spoonie community. People are losing hope and can’t bear the struggle anymore. It’s important that we try to something to counteract that. We know and understand the struggle more than anybody else does, so we have the potential to reach out to each other better than others.

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There’s a step between considering suicide and actually executing it. For some people, all it takes is for somebody to be there, reminding them why they should stick around to fight another day. It’s for that reason specifically that I wrote If you have considered suicide and encourage anybody who is struggling to give it a read.

Sometimes all it takes is a few words. You have no idea what impact they could have on a person who is close to the edge. Think about what you wish somebody had said to you when you were in your lowest moments of life. Or maybe even when you have had to encourage yourself, to help you hold your head up and fight back.

So pain warriors, let’s help others in the community who are suffering. There is strength in numbers, so let’s stick together and hold each other up.

I hope you’re up for the job…let’s go warriors!

Until next time,

Tasha Marie

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